Founding of Inshoerance

The founders, Richard Feichtinger, PhD, and Juergen Loeschinger, PhD, are pioneers in the field of motion analysis and wearable technolgies. Inshoerance, founded 2015 together with mObserve, is dedicated to Smart Home und Personal Safety Solutions. Since 2003 they are active in running analysis in sports and gait analysis in rehabilitation with the companies Xybermind and Amiorun.

The common motivation of using motion sensors in sports, rehabilitation and security applications is their potential to design intelligent interactive products which fit to human behavior rather than having to teach humans how to handle technology; products are designed to be used as easy as it gets.

The integration of electronics in textiles or inserts to position the sensors at the appropriate spot on the body in order to minimize the influence of the technology on normal behavior to the effect that the user completely forgets that he or she is being monitored, allowing the measurement of an uncompromised behavior.

Integrating the sensors into insoles has the particular advantage tha they are always with the user as soon as shoes are put on - no need to remember to take a device.

Juergen Loeschinger

Juergen Loeschinger, 61, holding both a degree in electronics engineering and a PhD in biology is developing since 38 years products with microcontrollers, thereof 12 years in industry (Kontron, Interkom), 13 years at research institutes, Max-Planck-Institute and Fraunhofer-Institute, as well as since 15 years for his own enterprises Xybermind (and its spin-offs Humotion und Ambiorun) und now for Inshoerance. The high innovative potential is not to the least part due to his double competence as engineer and scientist.

Richard Feichtinger

Richard Feichtinger, 51, holds a PhD in Biology and of his 28 years of work experience he worked 9 years as scientist (Max-Planck-Institute Tuebingen and Munich, Universities Freiburg and Basel), and 19 years in start-up companies: the belgian biotechnology firm Devgen N.V., founded 1997, IPO 2005, delisting 2013 after a purchse), SportsCurve and last but not least his own enterprises Xybermind (und its spin-offs Humotion und Ambiorun) und now for Inshoerance.